By now, we are confronted with thousands of products that have become part of our eating habits, transforming many foods that are not very interesting at first, into products that should not be missing at home.

Among all these, there is a category that has become famous, which we have always looked at with curiosity: superfoods.

There is the talk of superfood to collect a series of foods rich in particular substances that have a beneficial effect on health. What all these foods have in common is a high content of antioxidants, vitamins, and other molecules in quantities well above the average of different foods. Foods that fall into this category can only improve your diet. Here is the list of superfoods that you must not lose sight of:


Those of Goji has given way to the era of superfoods. These small fruits find them dried, like raisins, and have become famous for the highest concentration of antioxidants and other useful molecules. The ideal consumption is 30g a day, but everything depends on the variety of the fruit. The Xing Dal, for example, seems to be the best.

Among the other berries, the Camu-Camu with vitamin C content 50 times higher than an orange or the Olivella which, although not having a delicious taste, is also rich in vitamin C and organic acids.


Even before superfoods existed, in the East, someone had realized that Ginsengwas an excellent source. It is a perfect recognized energizer that, as science confirms, also contributes to an increased libido. Need more to convince you that it’s right for you?


Among the latest on the superfood, the list is our beloved beets! Rich in B vitamins but also elements such as iron, magnesium, and zinc. Use them as and when you can, even making juices.

It is then the turn of dark leafy vegetables such as spinach, cabbage, broccoli. In addition to being exceptional products in taste and typical of Italian agriculture, they bring a myriad of favorable elements for health, especially in the winter season.

Of all the superfoods, these are the foods you need to pay more attention to because they are the ones you consume most regularly and are recognized by experts as actually beneficial, without a doubt. Not to mention the fact that they are readily available, and their regular consumption is a habit for us.

Acai berries

Have you ever heard of the famous Acai Bowl? On Instagram, they are now super famous, and in Los Angeles, for breakfast, they were one of our favorites. Acai berries are potent antioxidants and help lower blood cholesterol levels.


Rich in protein compared to other cereals and gluten-free, quinoa also has a high content of magnesium, phosphorus, and iron.


They are often elements rich in protein and vegetable fats that bring an incredible benefit to the body. Primarily the chia seeds (particularly rich in Calcium), flax and pumpkin that contain precious fatty acids. A bit like dried fruit, they provide energy and, always in the right amounts, they are excellent dietary supplements.

Dried fruit

In reduced doses, dried fruit is ideal for keeping heart disease and cholesterol at bay. They provide an excellent amount of Vitamin E, Potassium, and vegetable proteins.

Greek Yogurt

The factor that makes it super is the fermentation to which it is subjected. It turns it into a probiotic food, or with a content of microorganisms that benefit the body. It is also an excellent substitute in the kitchen for fatty foods like cream.


After the olive is the fattiest fruit present in nature but not harmful to this. Composed of excellent vegetable fatty acids, avocado is a superfood, mainly because it can replace many other healthier ingredients in the kitchen, such as animal fats.


Being a spice, the consumption of turmeric is deficient in the diet but, unlike many foods, a small dose contains a series of substances useful to fight free radicals with anti-inflammatory action. Accustomed to dust, turmeric is obtained from a root.

A mention should be made for cocoa beans which, indeed, can have beneficial effects on health. Or the Spirulina, an alga that besides being protein, seems to be rich in vitamins but still with some shadow not completely clarified. However, we are always concrete: finding certain foods at the supermarket is unlikely and using them in the kitchen is not that simple.

Finally, it is up to one of those foods that are seen as exceptional: the blueberry. It is not so super, but it is however beneficial as many other foods.

Just thinking of the blueberry, then, think of one thing: is it necessary for a food to be called “superfood” to convince us that it is right? We believe it is more useful not to be obsessed with fashions. That pass and, in time, the truth remains. Regularly consume all the foods you do well; you don’t need to be super. Moreover, none of us is a superhero, but we can do great things, in our small way!

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