If you listen to our advice and get these ingredients, you will be able to understand how to use them to the fullest to turn a simple recipe into a highly memorable bomb.


Based on chilies, white vinegar, garlic, and sugar, this sauce will give the right twist to your dishes. Use it to dress vegetables, a power bowl, a sandwich or, as is done in Thailand, fish dishes. If you are a lover of spicy, you will love it for sure!


It is a sauce based on sesame seeds which are more or less toasted and then ground until reduced to cream. Typical of Middle Eastern cuisine is one of our favorite ingredients. You can use it for both sweet and savory recipes. Delicious spread on bread as a base for toast, mixed with Greek yogurt, salt and lemon becomes an incredible sauce to serve with roasted vegetables, to eat as an aperitif or to add to a dish. If you do not use it alone, you can mix it with cold water, lemon juice, and salt. China is also a fundamental ingredient of hummus.

Fleur de sal

It is not a pure salt but an ingredient that, used to finish the dishes, can give a pleasant aroma transforming even the banalest dishes into masterpieces worthy of chefs. Produced in the south of France, in Camargue, it is a raw, unrefined salt, obtained in an ultimate artisan way. Perfect for fish, vegetables, salads, meat, and even desserts. The chocolate with fleur de sal is famous.

Aromatic herbs

If you have the chance, you can grow them in pots, if you are lucky you can collect them directly from your garden, at worst you can buy them, but aromatic herbs should never be missing from your dishes. They are perfect and useful in a thousand occasions. Use them raw to finish the dishes, add them to the salad to make a simple recipe not trivial, and you can make us flavored waters or cooking broths.


One of our favorite spices of the moment, the Sommacco serves to give acidity to your dishes. Obtained from a berry that is dried and then reduced to powder, it has a rather unique, sour, and sour taste. It is mainly used in Middle Eastern cuisine, and we love it in combination with fish and vegetables. It is also produced in Sicily.

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