Not long ago, appliances integrated into kitchen furniture were considered a luxury item. Today, however, this option has become widespread. Looking for commercial dishwashers for home? The main advantage of built-in appliances is that they are practical and take up minimal floor space.

Installing a kitchen set with built-in appliances can also reduce the cost of electrical energy. The furniture for the individual functional elements is usually selected individually. The location of appliances inside the cabinets provides soundproofing, which is an important advantage.

The installation of the appliances is not only based on the cubic space available in the kitchen. During installation, the personal wishes of the owners are also taken into account. Together, this provides the necessary functionality and comfort. Another advantage of such appliances is the ease of installation. It is also worth noting the presentable appearance of built-in elements.

Integrated electric and gas appliances also have some disadvantages. First of all, they have a higher cost compared to conventional devices.

Before installing built-in appliances, it will be necessary to discuss the various nuances of the process with a specialist more than once. Because of this, more time is spent than in the case of installing conventional appliances.

Integrated appliances are dependent on their location. Therefore, relocating them is impossible. Conducting repairs on integrated appliances requires the intervention of only qualified professionals. It is highly unadvisable to repair broken elements on your own.

What is included in a set of built-in kitchen appliances

Many large and small appliances can be integrated into the kitchen set. Of course, there are appliances that are essential for any kitchen space. It can include the following positions:

Refrigerator. This freezer, is a necessary element of any kitchen. The most popular today built-in refrigerators are two-compartment refrigerators. However, the installation of a device with such characteristics is not always justified. For example, for small families, single-chamber refrigerators equipped with a freezer can be suitable. If necessary, the latter can be installed separately.

Cooking panel and oven. In the case of integrated appliances, there are two installation options for these devices: dependent and free. The first of them takes into account the common design of the hob and oven, which are controlled by a common panel.

In turn, the free arrangement of these elements for cooking allows you to place them independently of each other. Thus, the hob and the oven can be connected to different power sources. For example, the cooking surface can be connected to a gas pipe, and the oven to a regular outlet, as electronic options have more precise temperature control.

Exhaust. A set of built-in appliances for the kitchen usually includes this device. Today there are two varieties of integrated hoods, which differ in the principle of operation: equipped with a diverter and filtering. In the first case, the device collects polluted air and promotes its removal through the ventilation pipe.

Filtering devices are also called recirculating devices. Such hoods are equipped with special filters, thanks to which the contaminated air is purified. After this procedure, it is returned back into the kitchen.

Dishwasher. Such a device is not a necessary element of built-in kitchen appliances. It is not difficult to buy a dishwashing machine. The range of these devices is quite wide. First of all, they differ in their volume. This indicator determines how many dirty dishes can be loaded into the machine at 1 time.

Selecting the optimal place for the dishwasher depends on several factors. First of all, it is the size of the hose that is needed to remove dirty water. And also important is the size of the machine. Do not forget about the personal wishes of the owners of the apartment.

To auxiliary devices, which can be integrated into the kitchen furniture, can include washing machines. Their location in the kitchen is aimed at saving useful space in the bathroom. There are also many small appliances that perform different functions. These include: microwave ovens, coffee makers, blenders, etc.